Cascadia Blooms Live Resin Delta 8 Vape


Strain: Super Sour Diesel (Sativa)
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We chose to use the highest grade extract we could find to make the most premium quality vapes on the market. When smoked you will be blown away by the unique blend of hemp derived live resin D8, CBD, and terpenes.  Live resin is a far superior extract when compared to traditional extracts. Typically plants are dried then the oil is extracted. Although this type of extraction is the norm, the trichomes are usually damaged along with terpene loss. Live resin is extracted from fresh flower.  Only the top colas are selected then kept frozen throughout the extraction process keeping the full spectrum intact offering higher potency and a stronger flavor combo. 


Super Sour Diesel Live Resin Vape: Citrus, tart, and tangy notes jump out on the exhale, while uplifting and energetic feelings encompass your entire body and mind. 500mg Live Resin D8 / 250mg CBD / Terpenes


Live Resin Blackberry Kush: Powerful indica giving off calming and relaxing effects. A strong hashy profile balanced with sweet berries. 800mg Live Resin D8 THC / 50mg CBD / Terpenes

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