Cascadia Blooms Zkittles Infused Delta 8 Flower


Size: 7g (1/4oz)
Sale price$60.00


Who doesn't love Bubba 66 ? These large buds most resemble cannabis structure and smoke.  We chose only the best and infused them with Cascadia's Own Zkittles D8.

Created by hand from the Cascadia Blooms team, one of America's most popular, flavorful, and fun strains is now available. This indica dominant strain has a fast onset, with strong physical relaxation and mental stress relief without the couch lock. This strain is perfect for after the club, not before.  You will have full feelings of content, so don't plan too much. Just enjoy ! 

All sizes 1/4 and larger are shipped in our nitrogen flushed hermetically sealed canister. 

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