Delta Beverages Delta 8 THC Seltzer Variety Pack


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Delta 8 Variety pack with 12 cans across 4 flavors! Variety pack includes:

3 X Lime Delta 8 Seltzers

3 X Mango Delta 8 Seltzers

3 X Watermelon Delta 8 Seltzers

3 X Berry Delta 8 Seltzers

Our Delta 8 beverage is the perfect blend of crisp carbonation and body buzz. Mixing bubbles and nano means you are getting immediate effects; no more waiting around for the candy to hit! It doesn’t hurt that the terpene flavors taste like biting straight into fruit and licking the juice off of your hand.

Delta Beverages takes the quality of our products very seriously. Our hemp is sourced from the best US-based farms and processors, with every batch tested for pesticides, heavy metals, potency, and consistency.

With every sip of our D8 Seltzer, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, and reap all the benefits of what THC offers


Gluten Free

0 Calories

0 sugars

0 Fats

100% Hemp Derived


Carbonated Water, Hemp Derived Delta 8 Distillate, Natural Flavoring, Trace amount of stevia and erythritol

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