Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules – 750mg


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25mg CBD per capsule

750mg CBD per bottle

30-Day Supply

Welcome to TKO Naturals’ Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules – a daily wellness ritual that combines the power of nature with precise dosing. Each capsule is a meticulously crafted blend of premium, full spectrum CBD, designed to promote balance and vitality in your daily routine. With 25mg of CBD per capsule, our Full Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules offer a convenient and consistent way to incorporate the benefits of CBD into your life. Sourced from Southern Oregon, our hemp is grown with utmost care by TKO Naturals, ensuring a pure and potent experience free from harmful pesticides or additives. With 750mg of CBD per bottle, you'll receive a 30-day supply for your wellness journey. Unleash the full potential of the entourage effect as the various cannabinoids and terpenes work together in perfect harmony, amplifying the therapeutic benefits of CBD. At TKO Naturals, we pride ourselves on delivering a product that meets the highest standards of quality and purity. Our Full Spectrum CBD.


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