Passionfruit Pear Cake – 25 MG CBD


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Contains: 10 Gummies with 25 MG of CBD Each

Flavor: Cosmic Play (Passionfruit Pear Cake)


Take a journey through the cosmos with Venus Electra's CBD Gummies - introducing "Cosmic Play," a delicious Passionfruit Pear Cake infusion packed with 25mg of CBD. Elevate your CBD experience with these delectable gummies, expertly crafted to tantalize your taste buds and provide the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. Made with premium hemp and carefully extracted to ensure purity and potency, Cosmic Play is a guilt-free and delicious way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. Whether you're an experienced CBD user or new to cannabinoids, Cosmic Play offers a convenient and enjoyable way to experience its therapeutic benefits, with each gummy containing a precise 25mg dose. Perfect for on-the-go indulgence or a moment of self-care, Venus Electra's CBD Gummies are bursting with the delectable flavor of passionfruit and pear cake, providing a symphony of nature's goodness for your mind and body. Unlock the cosmic delights of Venus Electra's CBD Gummies !

Sustainably packaged through Sana Packaging. This package was made using reclaimed ocean plastic.


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