Woodstock Hemp Company CBD Live Resin Disposable 2.0g Vape


strain: Apple Fritter - Sativa
Sale price$39.95


Experience a flavorful and convenient way to consume your CBD with Woodstock Hemp Company's CBD Live Resin Disposable 2.0g Vape. Made with all natural live resin, this sleek and durable vape offers mouthwatering flavors for a satisfying experience with every use.


- 2000mg CBD Live Resin Concentrate

- Sleek, Sturdy, Aluminum Body 2.0g Disposable Vape

- Rechargeable

- Ceramic Heating Coil


Experience the true essence of the plant with our CBD live resin, extracted in small batches from Oregon-grown, freshly frozen cannabis sativa. Packed with beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, our live resin provides a rich and full-bodied flavor experience, while offering a smoother and cleaner hit with every puff. Discover the superior quality and potency of our live resin today.



Get more out of your vaping experience with our Woodstock Hemp Company CBD Live Resin Disposable 2.0g Vape. Unlike traditional pens, it comes equipped with a generous 2,000 milligrams of premium live resin, ensuring an extended vape session without the hassle of constant refilling. The cutting-edge ceramic heating element provides consistent, even heat for optimal enjoyment while preserving the delicate terpene profile. Designed for convenience and discretion, this lightweight vape pen fits easily in your pocket or purse, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Enjoy a sleek, minimalist design that not only looks great but also allows for discreet use without drawing attention.


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